Fit for Sex – We’ll tell you which muscles you can work out!

Because even for the love game muscles can be strengthened. Why? Because a strengthened pelvic floor can cause various contractions or influence intensively with. Thus, the woman can increase the perception of the entire genital area, experience more intense orgasms or even bring the male partner with vaginal muscle power out of his mind. Which muscles should I strengthen? In conjunction with pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles, the term “PC muscle” is often used. All these expressions are simply the muscle that can interrupt urination. Why do I have to stay on the ball regularly? A muscle is only pronounced if it is regularly challenged and trained and every pelvic floor loses power and strength over time. This, of course, means that we all have to stay in training for a lifetime, for to be fit for sex.
How should I design the training? Regular exercises help. To make these more varied, the woman can also take toys to help. Particularly suitable are the RelaXxxx silicone love balls. They consist of two ball bearings (16mm metal ball diameter and 28mm plastic ball diameter). These are molded in silicone and connected by a silicone cord. The return strap is used for easier handling. The 80g heavy love balls each have a total diameter of 3.5 cm and are therefore suitable for beginners as well as for experienced women. A little tip on the edge: The larger the ball the easier for the woman to keep it in the vagina. Well trained women should therefore resort to smaller balls. The heavier the balls, the more exhausting the training. Therefore, I recommend beginners light and larger balls. The RelaXxxx Love Balls are right in the middle with their size, their weight and their appealing design and can therefore be optimally used by the majority. </ blockquote> How do I use the RelaXxxx Love Balls? The use is very simple. Distribute generously lube on the RelaXxxx Love Balls and possibly also on the vagina. Since the RelaXxxx love balls are made of silicone, you should make sure to use only water-based lubricant. For example our MVW Smoothglide a water-based lubricant with aloe vera for smooth traffic. The toy may lose its stance and / or dissolve over time due to the use of silicone-containing gels. And you want to avoid that with certainty, especially since silicone is a very resistant material, where you can tug and lick otherwise. The special thing about it is that it absorbs the body heat and holds the heat. Silicone has a smooth, non-porous surface and is easy to clean. Which exercises are useful now? After applying lubricant, you can insert the love balls into your vagina. Relax and concentrate on your genital area. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Now you take a deep breath and at the same time tense your muscles, which support your pelvis from the venus leg to the coccyx. Hold the tension for a few seconds. As you exhale, you relax your muscles. At the beginning you repeat that 20 times, later you can slowly increase and perform up to 100 repetitions for optimal results. In the second exercise, you take a deep breath and at the same time tense your pelvic floor, release it, re-tensing your muscles and so on. You do that about 10 times in quick succession. When you exhale, relax again. Over time you can increase the number of exercises, 20 to 50 repetitions would be ideal. In the third and final exercise, you take a deep breath and at the same time, you are tensing your PC muscles as if you want to draw something into your vagina and anus. As you exhale, you push out this imaginary object again. This exercise not only strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, but also strengthens the abdominal muscles. For best results, repeat the exercise 10 to 30 times a day. If you manage to practice daily or at least several times a week, even for a few minutes, then you’re doing great for you and your orgasms. </ strong>