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For a long time, sex goods were considered improper or even unnatural, with the smell of the pervert clinging to them. Everyone immediately thought of the images of gaping men in filthy porn shops. Meanwhile, however, an alternative sex industry has developed in which colorful colors and abstract shapes play a major role.

More and more women come to believe that more sexual pleasure is possible and infect others despite their prejudices, their fear and their insecurity. Meanwhile, there are people of all ages, with and without partners, who resort to toys to explore their sexuality. The new term “sex toys” specifically refers to the function: Playing and trying out . Everyone has sexual preferences, such as the predilection for certain foods. But even the culinary taste can change like experiencing an orgasm.

Our RelaXxxx products are not just for fun. For example, with the Love Balls you can also train your pelvic floor muscles.

Send us an e-mail. We are happy to answer your questions. A little tip: Remember, it’s always a good idea to use plenty of lubricant when you’re using toys so you do not feel uncomfortable about inserting them. We especially favor the water-based lubricant Smoothglide with aloe vera. It does not contain any parabens, color – or fragrances, is silicone free and does not stick. It is also Made in Germany.

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